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Could your direct reports be more clearly connected to their expected outputs?

Does your strategic direction get lost when interpreted by your team?

Do they act more like independents than members of a team?

Accountability is an important word these days. Everybody wants it and few know how to create it. Setting clear Accountability Frameworks in place is a key step.

What are the expectations of the President and how are they expressed and agreed so they will be followed in practice?

How does the mandate of each team member mesh with others so the interdependence is clear?

The building of frameworks that follow proven precepts of Accountability is central to building a strong and competent organization.

Then there is the practice of Accountability.

  • How are the interactions with the Head of the organization set up and handled?
  • How do these feed and support the strategic plans of the enterprise?


  • When Accountability is done right, the uncoordinated efforts of a well-meaning executive take on new direction.
  • Each member of the key group understands exactly what they are expected to produce and what will happen when they do.
  • Catalyst Strategic’s process ensures that all Accountability Agreements at an organizational are done together so everyone can see how all fit together to make a responsive web of commitments.
  • Guiding Presidents through to concluding and kicking these off with all team members ushers in a new era of effectiveness.

The direct report level develops and the President confidently moves on – freed up from entangling dependence – to looking outside the organization.  There is more forward focused planning time. Coaching a crew capable of independent thought – one that actually becomes comfortable with a disciplined reporting structure makes business life fun again for Presidents who enjoy the benefits Accountability can bring.  It is such a valuable keystone to any company.


A midsize industrial electrical contractor brings on board a new President with a mandate to create growth. Catalyst Strategic is brought along to build team strength that will be needed to reach the ambitious goals. A core move is to introduce Accountability Agreements.

Through a series of 3 meetings with all senior team members,

  • the principles of Accountability are adopted by the group
  • draft agreements are created
  • they are refined and negotiated with the President
  • final agreements are concluded and signed off

We repeat and renew the process for 3 years. The company grows – from $20 to $40 to $60 million and becomes a force in its field. For the first time, there are significant profits. The President is free to focus on what should be next.

What’s not to like?

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Doug Rogers
President, Studon Electrica and Controls Inc.

“Accountability Agreements (AA) have been instrumental in creating a very positive team atmosphere within the company.  The process of building them really fleshed out pockets of mistrust that had been holding the company back. 

“From initial beginnings,  AA have become a central mechanism to our company.  All company goals are embedded in AA, connected directly to those responsible to accomplish them and performance appraisal is centered on AA.”

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