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Executive Coaching/Mentoring

Bringing a toolbox of startling breadth, Doug Bouey gets remarkable results in distinct mandates with candidates who need and want to grow.

  • Performance (remedial, developmental – to enhance success on the job)
  • Competency (to adapt skills to changing requirements and environments)
  • Team (with boards or leadership work to maximize performance and refine roles)
  • Career and Life Paths (to deal with balance issues, turning points in career decisions)
  • Assimilation (integrating thoroughly and rapidly after placement)
    Integration: The first few months of the new executive’s tenure can be like going through a minefield or like a professional driver hitting a racetrack. The difference comes from attention to several discrete activities that make your hiring investment pay off.

The use of an outside resource for the developmental building of value to high leverage people in organizations.

Competency coaching
Helping strong senior people overcome a deficit in an otherwise impressive skill base.

Performance coaching
Working to remedy an issue central to the performance of a senior contributor who needs to get back fully onto the right track.

Team coaching
Taking intact working groups to higher levels of collaborative achievement through intervention into how they work, not what they do.

Career and Life Balance Coaching
Placing an individual who is at a crossroads in a place of better understanding and coping with a challenging time that involves more than just the pure work context.

Assimilation coaching
Helping the new senior hire to align quickly, integrate fast and rise to contribution in their new position.

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