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Executive Team Alignment


Executive Team Alignment

It’s painful to Presidents to see the execution of plans blocked by crossed purposes of executive team members, be at the centre of complaints and carping, see wasted energy and time from communication foul-ups, watch the team fall short of its potential contribution to the goal of the company.


We create executive group solidarity behind the basic plan to get the company to the goal – reaching the next value plateau.

We craft an organizational and communication platform that will allow the company to execute on its opportunities at that new level.

We expect to generate success measured by producing unprecedented improvements, i.e., breakthroughs:

  • Building a bigger commitment together on the executive team to accomplishment of strategy
  • Building total buy in to the basic plan
  • Productive communication about essential matters on the team
  • Resolution of key differences to establish better working relationships

Coaching usually involves:

  • generating background with team members
  • going on retreat to examine present patterns and how they serve getting the company to its goal
  • seeing immediate and profound results right away from the retreat
  • setting up ongoing relations with Catalyst Strategic that allow continuing tracking and improvement


Success stories:

Centurion Energy Ltd. – a small Calgary startup that bloomed into an international player – and sold for over $1b!

Solana Resources Ltd. – Calgary Headquarters: Columbian international office

What was core to the company:

  • The need to integrate new top personnel and get them surging forward together.
  • firing up the local office, creating and building a team culture that could execute huge program immediately.
  • Solona recently participated in a value realization agreed at over $1B.

Reference: available on request

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