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You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where that is!

  • Every organization periodically feels the need to assess where it’s been and where it’s going to go over the next year or so. Many tackle this process themselves. Yet, as presidents switch hats from manager to facilitator, they often experience difficulty getting the kind of free flow and honesty needed to make a full assessment of the direction of the organization.
  • Groups get lost in the process of refining and priorizing after the discussion got rolling or simply get sidetracked.
  • Follow-up on agreements made at a session become submerged in the tyranny of day-to-day business. The leading edge becomes blunted as the organization falls behind the power curve.


This is an excellent way to get started. Using our rich background, seasoned with the potent learnings gained that allow us to lead powerful interventions like Team Power and Implementing Change, we bring depth and leverage to your planning work. We have led many sessions, using many of the latest and most provocative techniques: fun and pointed ways of getting the key ideas raised and the outputs priorized.

By tuning into the latest and most innovative techniques for bringing forward and channeling group input, we are ready to guide your group through the most exciting and powerful planning session they have ever enjoyed.


Utilizing short but penetrating preparatory interviews and a number of ways of “preparing the soil”, we get the group set so that they arrive ready to run. The sessions are punchy, full of ideas and fun for all. However, planning must lead to a new and more powerful future for the organization. As the team draws together and is focused on the goal, the input is streamed down into a do-able number of priorities with rock solid action plans to make sure they don’t languish.


Said Arrata
Past President, Centurion Energy International

“The weakness of most facilitators is their lack of understanding of business. Doug gets his arms around the business very quickly. He grasps the situation. He is a true catalyst: a neutral element that causes two or more other elements to react.

“Doug has the ability to listen and find the meaning of what has been said. Doug’s concern and sensitivity toward people is pronounced and they respond.”

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