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Evan Freeman and Luna at OCL Studios

776371b4-1549-4442-b4e2-bbb31e06c89fThe parents out there know there are pure moments that just distill the joy of progeny making their way in the world.

Last night, Elaine and I made our way to OCL. Now being told to head for a recording studio east of Chestermere we weren’t expecting what we saw. OCL is a monster. A gracious mansion out there on an acreage approached in the dying light of our magical February foretold of a night when more than a few of our assumptions would be whisked away.

I would imagine not many know that there is a world class recording studio out there but close by. OCL is pretty staggering. The main floor includes a big studio with all the mod cons of the trade, isolation booths, baffles, an array of at least 10 snare drums, all sorts of other instruments, microphones and equipment but most importantly, a control board [pictured] that just won’t quit. Dan Owen undertook this as a labor of devotion to music and didn’t stint. Everything is so well thought out and gracious, top class finishes throughout.

Recording artists can stay there, on the upper floors. And can give advance previews in spacious and well damped loft performance space. That was what we came for.

Evan Freeman will launch his album Luna on Saturday at the Arrata Opera Center in Calgary. He has been an accomplished singer songwriter for a while and got really serious about it a year and a half ago. He made a vow to break out of hobbying at it and decided to go big time.

The path for a performing musician is not easy. For every performance there are many hours

  • building “product” – like an album,
  • creating a following – on social media, generally,
  • negotiating arrangements
  • finding like minded playing partners
  • producing events
  • setting up gigs and tours

it isn’t for the faint of heart. Fortunately, neither Evan nor his wife, Erin, are like that.

Evan has played at a cafĂ© level for a couple of years with faithful friends Paul and Carl to growing appreciation. Then with dedicated mentorship from fellow travelers Derek and Susan Bullen who have guided their daughter Kobra through an ascending journey, he undertook to leave his engineering world and produce an album. He found Derek – a talented producer from Toronto – to help realize his vision. And rounded up a new band to play and tour it.

Last night, after some halting previews over tinny computer speakers, we heard the outcome. I was absolutely blown away. It was so professional, so clean, so musically accomplished, my ears could scarcely credit this had the same origins of the performer I was familiar with. To listen for yourself follow Such a leap and to arrive with such grace were totally unexpected of this group. If I’d heard this in the Jubilee I would have felt it was totally equal to the surroundings. It is majestic, finely wrought music of a high order.

So the launch goes Saturday. I will be button busting proud. Evan Freeman is my son, in whom I am very well pleased!

Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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