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Gladdening the Heart

I’ve always savored the ease, the backing off. Everybody gets a pass, there’s a bit of give and graciousness in the air. Folks are warmly disposed to each other – for free! There’s real generosity of spirit in the air. It seems okay to be happy and cheerful – there is less of the “game face”, that tiresome projection of purpose and seriousness that many put on as their deflecting mask to meet the world. There’s not much to give cheer to others – to gladden their hearts – when that force field is in play…
My back neighbor Larry has no game face. He is open and he doesn’t care who knows it. And he gives that openness full holiday expression with his house lights. Larry becomes composer and conductor each December – and this year he’s gone all out. He and Max – his Pekinese poodle wearing his parka – were out tending to his patch to make possible Xmas bonuses at Enmax. While Gio and Max circled each other, Larry told me what gave joy to his heart – and by reflection – mine, this season.
Larry’s been doing the light thing for several years – each one topping the last. This year he found a surprise in his mailbox just after the latest version went live:
“Dear Sir: we have been driving by your house and always admire your light display. But this year we just had to stop by and let you know how much we look forward to it. Keep it up! We really appreciate it”
Made Larry’s day.
What a cheering impact this good deed had on a good man’s heart. How many little opportunities we have to gladden someone else’s heart. If it can make someone else’s life a little brighter – say it! Say it straight and clean – no reservations. You’ll put a spring in their step – and God knows we could use a little spring around here…


Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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