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Savor The Summer in AB

Docked here in Joeys Sherwood Park. They give a lie to the idea that all franchise operations are the same. My friend and client Jeremy Leonard of Canada Pump and Power led me here during our planning sessions.

It is ‘way better than it SHOULD be. The servers are always convivial and meet us with a personality that is unique. Sitting at the bar is the best because those hustling gals really look after you. Ask a busy person…
The sun slanting in on a perfect AB 26C afternoon.
Started this morning with a visit to the S.i. breakfast downtown. I think I’ve gotten a little jaded with Stampede. We had a friend from the US – Jim Canfield – who ducked in on his way back to the States to have his dose. I was cavalier, said we couldn’t be bothered to go down. I’m so sorry I had not brought him down her to see the entire town decked out at parties like S.i. s and then to go over to Gulf Canada to see a cowboy performing rope tricks, a gal with a six shooter and gang of 30 redshirted cowgirls line dancing in the plaza outside.
Just blasted myself this afternoon playing two balls over 27 holes at Wolf Creek – the pride of Ponoka. What a spectacular golf experience – links golf in AB – then a stretch of tight fairways, and a whole separate course open to the wind, wonderfully maintained and supremely challenging golf. Where do they get all that sand? Unique in this province.
Now savoring an AB steak after traversing the QE 2 viewing radiant lemon yellow canola fields blossoming beside.
Seated at the bar, with the sound system reminding me I am definitely of this time, reading a superlative travel writer – bringing me into another era- on IBooks. Patrick Leigh Fermor – writing of a foot journey across Europe in the early 30’s just before the Nazis took hold.

“It was getting late. We left the river and followed a vile road upstream beside another river then south again through pastures and stubble fields where gleaners were stooping among low sunbeams and shadows. It was a pacific land of hill and woods and fields patterned with sheaves, pyramid-hayricks threw spears of shadow downhill: cattle and flocks were going home haloed in dust.”

Readers enjoy my travel writing. I love this guy’s.
A resonant night in a province to celebrate- this AB we live in.
Savor the summer.


Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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