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What we get by way of interesting tech tips, places to travel to, things we ought to see – like movies – almost all of this comes through your scouts.

You have people – you have places – scouts –  that tell you what’s out there.Some of them are media: others are very special sorts of friends.

My media includes the Globe and Mail, the New York Times, the New Yorker.  I have yet to incorporate Facebook or Twitter into that category but I might, depends who friends or follows me.

The others are all people, not just anyone, but people who themselves are active seekers in this great world.  These people tend to come across fascinating stuff, and what’s better, they don’t mind telling you and teaching you about it.  They can do that in person, some by email. They live in Facebook – a treasure of inestimable value.

The point is – through my scouts – I get clued into some pretty great inside moves.  Of course, they get a kick out of passing ideas along to me, because they know I’m game for just about anything within reason – a sometimes beyond.

So here’s a theory:  the quality of your scouts determines the potential quality of your life.  I mean, how can you do activities you never hear of?  And I say potential because it depends on the receiver whether or not they will make use of the information.  And enough of that and the senders will cut
the flow.

Perhaps, this letter is one of your scouts.  I’d be honored if it were so!

Doug Bouey
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