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TEC 217: Working on the Biz vs. In the Biz

Perhaps this is one of those opportunities to assess how it’s going.

Are you racing on toward your ultimate goal?  Or stuck? Spending your days passing milestones on the road to fulfillment?  Or overwhelmed, just keeping up with the demands of a succesful biz?  Are you looking for an opening to move beyond the present and realize the destiny of your company?

Presidents who have joined TEC 217 are electrified by this mantra – working on the biz vs in the biz.  It captures a quest that most of our members are succeeding in – getting above the day to day roar to lead their enterprise to a meaningful destination.

What’s your ultimate goal?  Is that to become a large scale player?  To go public?  To enjoy a liquidity event and exit?  To break out?

If you are not making headway as fast as you want, then perhaps it is time to consider strapping a booster rocket to your vehicle.  Time to consider applying for TEC 217.

Progress toward one of those ultimate goals is what leading midmarket biz is all about.  Few people who get there had all the tools when they started.  They had to get an assist.  A big assist.   Enter TEC.

Yes, it is the world’s leading CEO organization.  And it is proven to help its 17,000 members  worldwide outperform their peers.   But it works in small cells of 14 – 16 and that is the focus of the experience.   Group members make a significant investment of time for an extraordinary return that puts them on top of their biz:  on top of their game.  On the business vs. in the business .

TEC 217 is a very special crew.  Our members take pride in seeing each other grow toward their ultimate objective.  They encourage each other.  Hold them to their best intentions.  And equip them to get there.

It is only leaders of fine character who can join us, but the application process is  rich in feedback and learning for anyone who applies.  And it results in a group of exceptional dynamics.  Our members are bent on giving and receiving beneficial influence to each other.  That’s not an idle claim.

Our outstanding resource speakers, who meet many groups, give us that compliment.

When leaders are mired in the business, they never get a chance to up periscope and correct course toward the goal.  They end day after day having not installed the freeing elements that lead there – finding and landing the right strong people, building the processes and systems, stating and driving the strategy.  They end up reacting to “crises”  and, while feeling needed,  they don’t put the marks they want on the wall.

Our esteemed member, Craig, flies in from another city for our meetings. During a recent visit there, he showed me how far his manufacturing concern has come as he  puts the right elements in place.  He keeps this mantra – on the biz vs. in the biz – close to him as he goes.

Know a vibrant leader (or are one yourself) who wants to work on the biz vs. in the biz? Contact me.  We have a couple of open seats.   You know from these letters who candidates meet as the professional facilitator and coach of our members.  I will look forward to finding if there is a fit in our tribe.  And let’s get them working on the biz vs. in the biz.

Doug Bouey
TEC 217 Chair
Helping people of fine character extend their impact

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