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How does your business need to grow?


Contemplating using a facilitator?  You should expect a ‘way more productive and focused process.  You supply the content.  I frame it with you to reach the desired finished state in a faster and more pointed style.


  • Strong engagement:  Achieving rapid alignment with you so your situation, purpose and objectives are clear, we arrive at an enabling understanding.  I am known to quickly wrap myself around your business and bond with your people so they see me as a resource to them in their quest.
  • Clear concepts:  Your facilitator should not only animate the sessions but bring a rich bank of approaches and methods that create traction and are tailored to your unique tack.
  • Lively sessions:   no one in an executive group [or any group] wants another dry meeting.  Participants want to be active, fresh and excited all day to emerge motivated and much further down the track.  Our sessions achieve this.
  • Actionable outcomes:  if you can’t remember what happened, it didn’t work.  I provide the result in workable format right away and get the backup to you later in the style you need.  And I stay with you, to make sure you get where you are headed.

These are high standards, but no less than you should expect.  I help people of fine character extend their impact.  Doing this through strategic clarity, team alignment, vision, implementation in settings from executive groups to mega-project construction groups to boards to partnerships is my wheelhouse.

The rest of the site details the range of work we’ve tackled over 25+ years.

What’s Our Business?

Bringing out the best in you, your company and your people.

Doug Bouey, President
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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