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Stop, Drop and Roll

31010fa5-d5d3-4ba4-a4aa-a4176495218eDownturn Survival

Stop             whining
Drop            your expectations
And Roll    with it

Custom Upstream Engineering sent this fantastic upbeat message around to its clients at the end of ’15 with a hilarious downturn survival kit.

That’s what we’ve needed – someone calling on us all to get with the program

Most of the people I work with are providing service and products into that limping economy. So we adjust and get on with life. Radical steps: take them or be swept away.

Custom is tying their rates to the price of crude.

It’s always difficult to mobilize creativity in the face of risk. If threatened, the natural human impulse is to pull back. Instead of turtling, the spunky Custom – ers are getting frisky.

This is not business as usual. Folks are pushing themselves well beyond their comfort zone. What is needed now is encouragement.

For those facing those scared paranoid cultures downtown – endorsement.
For those tackling the issues head on – affirmation.

Encouragement: to go on, take that risk, try that idea out, keep going, don’t quit
Optimism: we are at, or near, the bottom. There will be opportunity, new openings, a turn will come.
You are part of the solution. You can do what you need to do to survive. Your business counts. Your contribution is worthwhile.

Calgary has always been a “can do” town full of people who can spot a chance and make the most of it. This is testing us, but we will rise above

When the signals are all coming in contrary, we need to be contrarians.

Encouraging action, making and implementing plans, remaining confident – these will stand our leaders strong in the face of creeping futility.   I don’t mean Pollyanna: not facing facts. But sponsoring action, being behind our people and our leaders even when we don’t really know how the push will turn out, that will help.

More carping, complaining, doomcasting, cynicism and critique? Not so much. Thanks anyway.

Time for a change. Many of see in the turn of the year a new phase, a new opening, a new beginning. Let’s start this one with new tone, a new outlook. We know what we’re dealing with. Let’s get on with it.

Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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