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Personal Transitions


Personal Transition: Life after Success

What if you cashed out – more money than you thought you might – but didn’t know what you would do next?

Where do you go when you’ve got everything going your way – but your personal life is going sideways

  • kids out of control
  • spouse off track
  • feeling lack of fulfillment?

Your life – or that of those you care about – is too precious to throw away for money. You may be well off – beyond any expectation you had when you were young – and find it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There is a story after success – and it needs attention so it doesn’t become negative.


We’ve all seen the Freedom 55 commercials – the couple striding the idyllic beach – no cares in the world with financial independence in hand. So how long did they do that for? Can you walk the beach for a month straight? A year?

How do you translate wealth into:

  • a rich life?
  • a meaningful life?

A life of work does not prepare you for the decisions that attend arriving at the exit point. Planning for a life beyond wealth – a life that prepares you to continue your vitality, not end it – is key to enjoying that life. Attending to your personal sense of mission after the holiday is over, your family’s welfare, your estate management: these are central to designing the next chapter of life – a life that is not over with the sudden arrival of a wealth event.

Your Life after Success Plan:

  • Delivers comfort that you have looked after what needs attention
  • Addresses the gnawing questions that lurk after a wealth event
  • Looks forward to create meaning and contribution so you don’t sense you are a “has-been”
  • Brings optimism and direction – clear avenues of involvement are created and pursued.

CSC brings you through one of most trying transitions in life – “What if I got what I wanted?”. Steeped in the real history of those who have live through it, our approach is compassion and, most important, grounded in reality. The methodology is supplied by the countless hours of training in what is needed at this juncture:

  • adult life transition [Master Coach: the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara]
  • family management [years of training in Family Systems]
  • life in the entrepreneurial lane [see the balance of this website]

You will be on solid ground and facing a meaningful and structured future.

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