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Presidential Mentoring



Not many Presidents get the job after going to President School. Most just end up there because they cared more, enjoyed greater respect, took more leadership or were fired up to actualize an idea that just wouldn’t leave them alone.

The fire to fill the role does not necessarily bring clarity about:

  • how to do it
  • easier ways to navigate
  • counsel on getting through the hard patches
  • negotiating the passages that every company
  • seeing beyond the next turn in the road to the next version of the company [and the one after that]!


What if you enjoyed a discipline of monthly access to a resource whose business since 1986 is growing successful CEOs? What if you had the benefit of the evolving experience of 30 Chief Exec’s distilled down to reality by a direct and high value counselor?

CSC’s mentoring is dedicated to bringing out and into full flower your full potential as a President. We improve the effectiveness and enhance the lives of CEO’s. We build fully realized leaders.

It is a high calling, one that requires putting on new roles, disciplines and new ways of being. In return, it offers the most satisfaction of any quest you can take on, the satisfaction of a life fully lived, of opportunity fully explored and grasped.

The Presidential role requires fulfilling the mandate of leadership that comes with the position. Few have documented the full range of competency – expectations of incumbents that give the complete sense of fulfillment. We have. Our model is the model we teach and coach to.

Few have an understanding of the core curriculum of concepts that will provide the leverage for Presidents to make the most of their opportunity. We have. Our approach is to provide and instill these core practices and understandings that will drive exceptional performance from those who possess them.


You will:

  • have a greater impact in what you do in the exercise of the Presidential Role
  • boost your learning and perhaps more importantly, the integration and practice of your knowledge
  • see your business opportunities from different perspectives, as drawn and informed from my intensive experience base
  • develop and season your plans and goals for your business and business career
  • manage your business relationships to accomplish desired results
  • achieve deeper satisfaction of life goals
  • become more potent as a business leader
  • connect with new resources, teachings and practices
  • bring yourself into balance, acquire more freedom, security and resilience


President of a Tech company:

  • built a national company from 0 in 8 years
  • enjoyed 6 weeks of adventurous holidays in each one of those years
  • poised to enter the public arena with assurance
  • achieved a variety of intense experience in sports, spirituality and
  • successfully balanced business and home life – and is rich in both
  • spearheads a confident surging company that has racked up double digit growth each year

A motor dealer:

  • started with one dealership 18 years ago
  • now controls or participates in 12 across the West
  • enjoys leverage and time for the other pursuits of life
  • Tackles new ventures with zest and the confidence of someone who really knows how to move an agenda ahead – in any situation
  • Stays fit and energetic – at 55

Reference: available on request


Jim McManes
Dealer Principal, Eastside Dodge and Head of the McManes Group involving 12 dealerships throughout western Canada

“I’ve been working with Doug for 18 years – either I’m really slow, or he’s really good.”



TEC 217: Enriched Resource for Intentional Presidents

This group is no-nonsense but highly compassionate. We make it a point to bond strongly with new members. We do not coddle but expect all to run hard. We expect each member to allow nothing to stand in the way of the full realization of the potential of their business and themselves.

We are not often disappointed. We draw strong goals out of members and push with them toward their realization. We are confidantes and friends who help each other growth – straight and tall.

We make the discomfiting point, we do not back away but move gently toward surfacing the real issue and its solution. We provide extreme safety and confidentiality which allows members to broach questions and possibilities they have never allow themselves to confront before.

The fun we have together is the icing on the cake. The combined knowledge of the group, when working on member’s issue, is towering. The resources available to members through their connection with each other and the worldwide force of TEC makes for formidable power that no individual member could possibly have on their own.

Our members and our alumni are our testimony. Our product is ourselves — and each of our members has, as their experience with the group has grown, that special something that distinguishes potent business leaders.

Presidents move on and so, from time to time, there are openings in our group. We expect to fill them rapidly, maintaining our full complement, and cultivating a strong group of those who would like to sit our table. Would you like to have a resource like this on your side?

What awaits them is an experience without parallel in the business world, an incredible aid to accelerated advancement. Are you meant to be one of us?



There is formal structure. The time-tested TEC model exists, but we inhabit it with something dramatic across a broad sweep of territory.

We help each other, build on our bond, fuel commitment. From our day-long monthly meeting to our Chair’s one-on-one personal coaching sessions, to the other connections we make together, the directed energy of our members leads to testimony of high accomplishment.

The Process of Approach Begins with a referral. Our Chairman, Doug Bouey, provides preliminary information about the nature of TEC. Further exploration determines suitability and culminates in a meeting with selected TEC 217 members. If space is available and there is no conflict with other members, the candidate is welcomed into the group.



The Executive Committee
An International Organization of CEOs
Douglas Bouey, Chairman – TEC 217
2219 – 4th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada     T2S 1X1

Tel:  403.777.1144
Fax:  403.263-5442



Chair: TEC 217
Calgary, AB

Since 1986, Doug Bouey has been a facilitator and advisor to senior executives with T.E.C. (The Executive Committee) Ltd. He is a Prairies Regional Chair for TEC, chairing gatherings of his TEC Chair Peers. Doug has received Chair Excellence honors on fourteen occasions at the yearly TEC Chair Conference and was recently named Chair of the Year for TEC Canada.

Flowing out of his TEC calling, his mentoring practice is strong. Doug works with Chairmen, Presidents, VPs and General Managers, pointing to avenues of achievement, and assists in prioritizing and leveraging time in the effort to reach extraordinary levels of accomplishment.

He received the Don Cope Award in 2008 – the highest award that can be conferred upon TEC/Vistage Chairs. There are over 600 Chairs – professional coaches and facilitators of the over 9000 Presidential members worldwide – and this award has been conferred on 22 of them. Doug is only the second non- American to be so honoured.

Building on success, his focus is now on executive development, high impact value creation through communication, culture, and strategic thinking. His personal depth enhances his offering. Doug also facilitates strategic planning and alignment processes in many arenas.

In his previous career, Doug was a partner in a commercial and native law practice with a midsize Calgary firm. He was lawyer in residence for a term at the U of C Law School and taught interviewing, negotiating and counseling for many years on the faculty.

Doug holds an MA in Organization Development from the Fielding Institute and is:

  • affiliated with Implementation Management Associates,
  • a master life coach of the Hudson Institute, and
  • a Conversant™ graduate and affiliate.

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Doug Bouey, President
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