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* Falling into the New Year *

This eerie time of year when, after the pause of summer, everything starts up.

“Everyone’s cured for the summer” was a mentor’s explanation.
Most structured activity breaks off. A looseness sets in, latitude is wide, the field is more open.
It used to be quieter in summer – it was hard to connect with people, so we just didn’t. That left a lot of space. Some was used up by holidays. Some by putting deposits into the family and friend account. Lots outside – hiking, biking, swimming, sports, camping. Some by just goofing off.
A time for catching up – for making good on all those deferred projects? Typically isn’t. They’re still there.

A tang invades the air. The wind is up, the sun is down – earlier and earlier. Leaves, now dry and done, rustle yellow and prepared to drop. Sharper scent bumps the nostrils. Skin, used to comfort, gets edgy with a snap of cool.
A new vigor, a fresh intent is possible.

Maybe coming back to familiar commitments with a new energy. Maybe ending some that seem now outdated, unsuited. Maybe exploring/adopting some new practices, new affiliations. Allow new influence to have its way with your life, your business.
Are you:
* crabby about your health, fitness, energy?
* Seeing room for improvement in your productivity?
* needing to get to a new plateau of effectiveness in your business?
* wanting something more in terms of outlets, interests?
This is one of two choice points in the cycle – this and “the other” new year. Make some new year’s resolutions.
What will you choose to enliven, to advance you? Are there causes close to your heart you haven’t yet taken you? New drives for health, intelligence, edge?
Fall can fire you up. Take advantage of the new perspective you’ve gained over the [relative] ease of summer. Recalibrate, retune – as fall comes in and the cold comes on. A new take, a fresh start.


Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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