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How does your business need to grow?

May be NOW

Maybe this is it. The time the facts are faced.
Are you getting where you need to get with your enterprise?
Is it moving at the pace you know it could – or should?
Is everyone on the same page?

Are you harnessing extra effort to move past the status quo and be ready for tomorrow?
Are you identifying as a team those new projects that will form the building blocks of the future company?
Are they being delivered on time ready to be added to the emerging direction you know has to be there?

These are tough questions to answer. But I would encourage you to ask them – and answer them directly and honestly, now.
If too many of the answers come back no, is that to your taste? Or do you know deep that you need to get another gear.

For many formerly in your dilemma, that other gear has been the world-tested Gazelles methodology.
– getting all on the same page, plan-wise and culture-wise
– identifying and planning the build of the necessary future
– bringing accountability for present performance and project delivery
– coordinating the enterprise at the executive team level – so you truly have an executive team

A nationwide recruiting company, already leading in its marketplace, starts to move dramatically faster in market penetration, moving beyond a plateau it has been stuck on.
An awakening construction company suddenly seeing unexpected growth from its formerly “status quo is fine” leaders. The President is now free to be where he should be – out there in the market, getting pipelines to new work.

Maybe now is the time to look hard at really moving forward.

Upcoming soon, April 6, 2017, the Edmonton day-long look see under the hood of the Gazelles approach. Become fully familiar with an overall vehicle that powers up and unifies your company. Be exposed to the array of tools at your disposal to right the issues that plague you.
Meet the Alberta Gazelles Team, 5 presenters and guides, who will lead the day and leave you stronger.


Thursday, April 6th
Radisson Hotel & Convention Centre Edmonton
4520 76th avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 0A5

Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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