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Seasonal Peace: At 39,000 Feet

157b35b9-9c84-4fc8-b95b-29231a23d875The peace of the season sneaked up on me. Along with a touch of forgetfulness. A loss of sharpness. No edge. Symptoms of the mysterious letting go that happens at this time of year. Less productivity. Compensated for by an opening up, relaxation, appreciation.
I’m sitting in children class on KLM to Amsterdam. We didn’t intend it as such. But there’s a surfeit of kids up here in economy plus. Gives us a bit more room which Elaine needs on account of a bum hip – about to be corrected with a bit of medical tourism in Belgium.
So here we are in relative privacy. Except for an earnest tiny delicate hand extends between the seats from the row of seats before us. Into the gap, behind it a robust little face, curious – just to make a touch – so welcome. It’s fun just to have quarter size finger wrap around mine. The crystalline beauty of human contact with such an elemental joyous human being. Here suspended over Hudson Bay.
Watching a Dutch film about a US attempt to supplant Sinterclaus. He comes to the children of Holland on December 6 – the day we’re flying. He has a – now controversial – “sidekick” called Black Pete and that’s what fires up the plot. Is he black, a subservient, a slave? Or black because he goes first down the chimney?
What really matters = what REALLY matters. At this season, it’s time to reflect on that. And return to the basics. Of what really matters.
What really matters happens between people. And people and nature.
Seeing these patient parents heft wagons of toys up into hanging baggage shelves. Putting little ones into Jammies to signal it’s time to go to sleep even though their clocks are set otherwise. Watching schools of flight attendants make sure they can cope. Reminds us that sometime, someone looked after us, cared for us. Thanks God for them! May we be worthy of their efforts.
We can be cynical like the guy rolling his eyes standing at the head of the aisle waiting for the way to the washroom to clear. Way too much time spent like that – judging, wanting what we want the way we want it.
Or like the many grandpas and grandmas or parents who are indulgent and give beneficent smiles – knowing that sometime soon [or perhaps now!] they will no longer live in a world where children rule the roost. And they will feel the loss – particularly at this time of the year. And make allowances – and may even help – as these good people attempt to keep their kids quiet for the benefit of others, and entertained – or even learning – for the benefit of themselves.
It is time to back off now. To let go of the agenda and the drive. And remember who are and how we got here. See nature, even white, as the ultimate nurturer of us all. Such thoughts may even impact why we are doing what we do.
It’s the big picture we all speak of. Just not the big picture we’re focused on.

Have a great Holiday season

Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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