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Team Commitment Pays Off!

b6bab0f1-e915-4a00-b2d3-d5a1cfffa27dAs I bring Gazelle’s method to more new clients, I am struck with the level of jump these newly organized teams display. And I realize how often we talk about Presidents working on the business. When your executive is pulled together and zeroed in On the Biz there is an immediate bounce in company energy that is just plain missing otherwise.

The Flames pulled it off after a long drought. They had a plan and they relentlessly pursued it. Now….

Back to the biz world. Now when I say “executive” I mean the people who are working for and with you to bring the enterprise along. Some folks think they can’t go down the planning path because they don’t have VPs. Far from it.

Get onto a platform like the One Page Strategic Plan [here’s a link so you can look at it – and use, if you want!]. It will carry you from a scrambling, “trapped in the present” mode to collective forward thinking and action.

And that’s the angle I’m impressed with. These groups [you can’t really call them “teams” when they don’t rely on and contribute to each other until they come under a planning and accountable action regime like Gazelles] can suddenly find extra room and energy for solving obstacles that have long plagued a biz.


– well, they work there too! They can see the cost of ongoing confusion, redo’s, missed opportunities. And it bugs them. Having the vehicle to fix them is manna.

– they want to know where the show is headed. Our younger folk won’t perform in the dark. They need to know the larger context of the operation and where it’s going before they commit to it.

– they like the buzz. Having a part in projects contributing to the motion of the company is fun.

– they want to be part of a forward oriented enterprise. Scrambling mode is OK for a while but they [as you!] want to be part of a solution building capability: a permanent addition to an improving landscape.

Gazelles works because it’s not a flash in the pan. It is an ongoing program that builds.

I’m working with a large distribution entity. They bolted through laying the groundwork in the first session. Now they are bearing down on follow through: taking all those great ideas and strong directions and making them the operating reality. The new spirit of building together is palpable. There’s a whole new energy and dimension about the place.

It’s so different from disengaged, going-through-the-motions crews aboard some ships. With a captain who feels he or she is pulling the boat along solo.

The next Alberta Gazelles public workshop – a full day overview for $595 [discounts for teams] – is in Edmonton on April 27. Here’s the link – There are just 8 seats left.

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