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Valdy and Victor

This icon of Canadian performance came through Calgary last weekend to warm his fans
and rekindle his unique brand of communal fire.

If you’ve been in this country during the last 40 years, chances are you’ve been exposed.
Because this kind-hearted effusive soul has traversed this nation from sea to sea to sea. His songs – “Be your Man” “Yes I Can” & “Rock and Roll Song” – are nested in the subconscious of our country. And he did that the hard way – by travel and relentless performance – the old social media.

As he fluidly sways and moves his audience he dishes up that Canadian flavour reminding us again what it means to be part of something larger than our immediate setting.

His graceful fulsomeness is completely non-cynical. There isn’t an ounce of irony in this travellin’ man and I’m betting he’s had lots of reasons to accumulate some if he was bent that way. Fortunately, he is forgiving, appreciative and genuinely present while still on a long road – a joy to be around.

I’m iPadding after the funeral of Victor Caracciollo – another icon – this time standing for the grace and gusto of the Italian community in Calgary. Victor was the animating spirit of Mercato – that justly acclaimed cucina Italiana in Mission [with the newer Mercato West up on 85 Street west] – more assured places to enjoy a fulsome evening you cannot find.

Which grew out of his funky Italian market in Bridgeland. Victor was another of those who practiced social media the old fashioned way – by meeting, welcoming, hosting in an ambiance of giving and warmth that was contagious as hell.

His extended family have carried the torch forward providing many an animated evening of fine food and wine with the concomitant exuberant conversation and many laughs.

He was not a genius – unless you count the ability to light up people’s lives as genius. It just may be.

The music of conviviality spread from him outward and infected all who came within reach.

Apparently. St. Mary’s Cathedral was full to bursting and everyone came to following reception where the buffet was generous and the vino flowed as did the tributes to this fine man who brought the spirit of hospitality of his native land to the great benefit of our city.

I’m sure he would have been well pleased by the huge gathering in his name. But he would rather have been there…


Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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