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We used to think of TV as the wasteland…

You know, 53 channels and nothing’s on. That’s all changed with the arrival of HBO on the TV production scene. These and a number of their rivals including some quality stalwarts like PBS have been fielding superior product that’s impossible to ignore. Not much of it is available on the conventional channels – the “free” no pay channel – but the quality of what’s coming out is so excellent that it is well worth paying for.

The latest series we’re watching is The Killing. The first version came by way of a nation of tv innovators (Denmark!) It has a rabid following all over Europe. Another version has been produced by a Seattle-based film crew and is every bit as fascinating as the Danish product. This series has very high production values and superb acting. It grabs you right off and holds onto you for the entire run. We’re getting real bad with these – watching 3 episodes at a sitting!
Following on the epic Downtown Abbey – accumulating a huge audience for PBS -these series encompass compelling work. Perhaps this may be old news for many of you.

Weeds, 6 Feet Under, Deadwood are all superb and have been available for some time by purchase in DVD and other formats. All have cliff hanger writing, standout production standards and were great drama to watch. Now they are joined by Homeland, House of Cards and The Killing at the top ranks of these series. They are available on iTunes.

Don’t miss them. They are the best of theater being done these days, better than the movies.


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