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It Don’t Work Without the Personal

How does real teamwork and corporate drive come about? Simon Sineck has a few things to say about this and Simon’s insights are at a cellular level.


Every few years, Vistage/TEC – the world’s largest CEO organization with 16,000+ members around the world – holds a conference for their Chairs and members. Last month the Think Big gathering was in Dallas.

I am the proud Chair of TEC 217 – a dynamite gang of driven entrepreneurial Presidents who work on each other’s issues and opportunities in an extremely constructive environment facilitated by …. Me. A professionally facilitated and coached peer advisory group = better decisions, better results, stronger member businesses. It’s not just talk. It’s proven. Look at the website.

I know, get on with it, what about Simon Sineck? He was a keynote to talk his forthcoming book on the basis of collaboration. And it’s neuro/ hormonal.

Simon is one of that great breed of biz journalists/ speakers/ researchers. These souls are long on presence, penetration into a domain and communication wizardry. Even though he spoke with no visual aids to speak of, he managed to get the message across. I’ve included a link so you can hear a very small version. His new book on the subject will be out in September.

Sineck has tapped into a vein of research that isolates the hormones activated when people are constructive and committed to each other in joint enterprise.

Four hormones are activated: seratonin, melatonin and the others [I’l have to let you know when I find my notes]. The point is not about them – well it is, and their respective functions in inducing the reality of trusting behavior and commitment to a cause – the real point is this:

They are not activated virtually.

In other words, when you are trying to get people to care via email or twitter, they might – a bit. But it takes in person, eye to eye contact to really get them moving.

Tell me you didn’t know this…

Napoleon “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” Well, yes, but no. They would march for Napoleon. Clearly the man had an in person impact and knew how to maximize it.

This age? Well, it’s different, isn’t it? What I term the digital assumption is rampant. That is, I will package up my intent into words, send you a communication, and you will receive, unpack it and act completely in accordance with it. Does this work?

People must have their say in response to what you’re suggesting. They have their own priorities. If you want them to get on your program, you’re going to have to get them to align with yours over what they were doing otherwise.

In the flesh. Less likely by voice alone. Remote if by email. And in THIS age, people have their own ideas. You can’t download for automatic compliance.

That’s certainly the case in TEC. When Presidents meet their peers in person – who are only there to give and receive their best influence – impact is created. Impetus for significant change.

That was why Sineck wanted to speak. He knew we are doing what he’s talking about. Big time.

Check Simon out for yourself


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