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A story of two “new bosses”

One came on the scene after a long search. He was circumspect on first introduction. His superior took him to introduce him to the team. He squired him around to meet the influentials effecting a warm introduction to those externals and peers who would affect his immediate world and his fortunes. The superior crafted careful announcements – one internal, one external. He gave him a full briefing on the territory which ended up being an all day strat planning together.
Not all was hearts and flowers.
The Big boss was clear on the 30, 60 and 90 day targets and “to do’s”. He was specific about the messes the new boss was expected to clear up. He expected the new person to make a “wow” presentation to the crew within the first month. And he looked for an early win to go into the newbie’s column.
So what did the incoming chap do? He took his time, while staying with the agenda. He got to know his team. He learned the ropes. He read files, took inventory. After a suitable fact-finding time, he had his first strat meeting with his team. He reviewed his understandings of the department’s mandate. He laid out some early projects and, with their input, made some assignments. His door was open and people took advantage of that to discuss with him their adaptation to the new regime.
By degrees, he let them know the changed emphases that he would be driving toward. He began to execute with them on a new program. He himself led by his own effort. Most of the team were enthusiastic to help breathing refreshing air. Some were reluctant. They were carefully reassigned.
The Chairman and the President noticed his contributions. And they were glad of them.

The second arrived on the scene almost unannounced. She blew in unhappy with the lack of underground parking. She was informed that no one had that privilege. “Well, that’s going to change!”.
She immediately made room for herself in the prime office without waiting to find out the space allocation that worked with the team. Then, relying on her impressions before landing, she began to issue edicts. She made it known that she expected her instructions to be followed to the letter, even when informed by staff that they were impractical, unworkable.
The first employee quit. She took that as a sign that her influence was effective. She boldly struck, unilaterally altering much of the landscape by fiat. She would brook no disagreement. She, too, had a mandate, an agenda. And she was going to accomplish it…
Long term loyal bastions of the office began to crumble under the onslaught. 10 year people who kept the wheels on in a difficult setting were losing faith. They had given the new boss some time to cool off. She hadn’t. They made their alarm known to the Board, gently at first, then more firmly and, when not heard, by ultimatum.
Now the Board has a real problem.

Who was successful?

This is a season of new starts. Organizing so that they graft well is the responsibility of higher ups. I mean otherwise, you have to do it all over again, don’t you? The recruiting, the interviews, the lost time, the lost salary. That abdication is expensive.

If you’d like our guide to onboarding senior leadership, hit reply. We’d be glad to send it out to you…


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