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Seasonal Warmth – Making it Profitably Real

e7fec084-e073-4d32-bd83-e3519e1c9e0aLounging around the fire with adoring family and friends… Convivial scenes of coming in welcome from the snow …
This time of year, we are media bathed in emotional warmth – sugar coating by merchants who want sales pulling heartstrings so you buy your way to favour.

Wouldn’t it be fine [r] if you could enjoy more of that for real all year?
The schmoozing ads provoke awareness of gaps – gaps in key personal ties and dealings with people and between our enterprises are going far less well in real life than as portrayed in the ads.
– A top end professional firm cross-threaded with a major client seeks a way to get back on keel
– a business living on complex sales apprehensively eyes an upcoming meeting with a key prospect with whom they’re getting close – sensing they might easily blow it
– an inadvertent comment sends an enterprise and their banker sideways

Whether your enterprise can do better on:

  • creating and sustaining profitable relationships with
    • customers,
    • clients
    • key business suppliers and
    • allies
  • project management
  • closing sales in complex environments, or
  • dealing constructively with disaffected key stakeholders who’ve become
  • alienated,

your capability to sponsor high value conversations rapidly is at the heart of the matter. What constitutes value? New or renewed. On a better foundation. Resilient. Lasting. Profitable.

The proven [and counter intuitive] Conversant methodology builds that strength in spades in thinking organizations and, as an incidental bonus, helps everyone at home.

Looking beyond booster slogans, tricks and schmooze to real structure – how exchanges can be more immediately powerful, the Conversant process helps teams and individuals pinpoint significant improvements in how business relationships come together and stay together.

The prime movement is from “My Way/ Your Way” to “Our Way” – creating mutuality instead of attempting to dictate or kowtowing when that doesn’t make sense. In particularly problematic situations, acquiring vocabulary: solutions and interventions can turn impasse around quickly.
While easy to learn, it is rigorous and requires attention and openness to learn. Once grasped, the technique is infectious. Because it works so well, in the live action, in the heat of rising emotion, in the fire.

Deliberate attention to upskilling your company’s conversational power pays substantial dividends. We all know it is much harder to build a new customer than to keep and satisfy one we already have. Restoring relationships after the inevitable bumps and issues [that so easily can come up to disappoint and disrupt] is so satisfying and real. It is in the exchange beyond digital that the fate of many more complex business relationships is made or broken. Have you ever lost a critical deal in the clinch due to less than ideal interaction?

Last week, with a company absolutely reliant on sensitive handling of skittish clients, light bulbs were going off throughout our half day seminar. Could you benefit likewise?

The true warmth, the lasting attachments, are built around the fire of alignment. When reliable achievement and restoration of alignment becomes strong in your business, you have moved beyond. It takes work, but it can become the basis of the deep shared comfort those ads are calling to.

Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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